It took us a while to prepare our vision of how the area of Low-Code platforms would look in the next few years and specifically in the context of productivity tools for business application developers.

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The Foundation

What we have as a technology basis is the well known and well established Eclipse Dirigible project, contributed to one of the major open source foundations - Eclipse Foundation. Being vendor agnostic, Eclipse does not provide commercial products to end customers out of the open source projects as well as ongoing support activities, but rather relies on the ecosystem of partner companies that work together to make the technology better.

Holistic Platform

At codbex, we also like the open source model for product development, which we believe leads to better resource optimization, reusability, and ultimately better quality. But pure technology is nothing if there is not an easy way to use it. Eclipse Dirigible, by its very nature, aims to provide a holistic set of tools for business application development, from database modeling, back-end and front-end programming, processes and integrations, document management and templates, which is sometimes too much for a single person whether that is a FullStack Developer, DevOps, SRE Engineer, Database Administrator or Architect. We decided to lower the barrier to entry in such cases, but also to reduce the maintenance costs on our end, by separating into different editions, each focused on a specific target role.

One Stack - Many Editions

So, the results of these titanic efforts deserve to be named after the Greek Titans:

  • Helios - the light for the developer coming from behind the clouds. You can deploy it directly on the target infrastructure and then start coding your server-side services via the full-fledged Web IDE including a powerful Code Editor, Projects Explorer, Debugger, Import and Export, Live Preview, Console for logs and many more.
  • Hades - the dark side of the stack where a lot of bad things can be done, but it can also save lives if used correctly. It provides the database management tools for inspection, but also for altering the data.
  • Oceanus - the manager of all the binary creatures - documents, images and of course text files. Powerful zip file inflation is supported there, as well as a direct link for any CMIS-based repository.
  • Theia - a full-fledged terminal interface running in the browser, but connected to your target environment.
  • Hyperion - providing all the necessary modules for building, running and operating business processes based on BPMN v2 notation.
  • Iapetus - integrations management including the industry leading frameworks and connectors.
  • Rhea - model driven development apporach with various application templates.
  • Kronos - a special edition for those clients and partners who have severe issues with their legacy applications and feel desperately lost in space.
  • Atlas - we still offer an all in one platform, including all features and extensions for all roles in scope, such as domain entities, processes and integrations modeling, generation tools and frameworks.
  • Gaia - the mother of all the products which will be produced by and run on the technology stack.

For more details about the products and pricing we are available through any of the channels in contacts.

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