Oceanus Edition

The Oceanus Edition of the codbex platform is your comprehensive solution for efficient document management. Designed with a focus on CMIS compliant repositories, Oceanus Edition includes all the necessary features to organize, preview, import, and export documents with ease. Whether you’re structuring content for organizational or project needs, Oceanus Edition empowers users with intuitive tools and seamless integration with FTP/SFTP protocols.

Comprehensive Document Management:

With support for CMIS compliant repositories and seamless integration with FTP/SFTP protocols, Oceanus Edition offers a unified platform for managing documents across your organization. Whether you’re collaborating on projects, sharing resources, or organizing content, Oceanus Edition provides the tools and capabilities to streamline your document management processes.

Who Is It For?

The Oceanus Edition is ideal for organizations and teams looking to streamline their document management processes and enhance collaboration. Whether you’re a small business managing internal documents or a large enterprise with complex document workflows, Oceanus Edition provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.

Key Features:

Document Management

Documents Browser can be used to structure the content to follow an organizationl or projects structure. Document Viewer is a quick preview of the selected document.


Import and Export

Import and Export of files via drag & drop or simple selection from/to your local file system is also supported. ZIP compressed files can be uploded either as they are or with option to be decompressed and populated with theirs folder structure.



SFTP comes out of the box and enabled by default, while FTP can be enabled if needed. All the files accessible via the Documents Browser are also accessible via any FTP/SFTP tool such as FileZilla.

  • CMIS repositories
  • Built-in file system repository
  • Document browser
  • Document viewer
  • Document upload
  • Document download
  • ZIP upload with an option to extract the content
  • ZIP download with an option to compress a folder
  • FTP access channel
  • SFTP access channel
  • S3 repository
  • Federated authentication (SAML, OpenId)
  • Adapted to Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Adapted to AWS Elastic Container Service
  • User/role-based security model
  • Modular architecture and allows to extend with own plugins

With the Oceanus Edition of the codbex platform, you can simplify your document management processes and enhance collaboration across your organization. From structuring content to previewing documents and integrating with FTP/SFTP protocols, Oceanus Edition offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your document workflows. Empower your teams, enhance productivity, and unlock the full potential of your document management with Oceanus Edition from codbex.

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