Helios Edition

Helios Edition includes all necessary features for developing JavaScript Enterprise API.

It provides capabilities for JavaScript development server-side RESTful services authoring, pattern-based user interface generation, role-based security, testing, debugging, operations, and monitoring.

Enterprise JavaScript Development

JavaScript Engine included is based on the GraalVM JavaScript implementation. It supports also the synchronous programming model in contracts to Node.js which makes it very easy to learn and use. The latest ECMA specification is supported as well as the Common.js one for compatibility reasons. The JavaScript Enterprise API is fully supported in this package.

User Interfaces

User interface for browsing and searching within the published content.


The Debugger enables you to monitor the execution of your code, stop it, restart it or set breakpoints, and change values in memory.


The Git perspective allows you to fully control your code and manage repositories.

Support depends on the plan you selected from Pricing.