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  • Atlas

  • All in one platform containing all the standard components
  • Enterprise JavaScript Development, User Interfaces, Debugger, Git, Themes, Databases, Jobs, Message Listeners, Websockets, Security, Extensions, Database Management, BPM, CMS, Terminal, Operations
  • GitHub Project
  • Hades

  • Database Management for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SAP HANA, H2, and more...
  • Database Explorer, SQL Console, Data Transfer
  • GitHub Project
  • Oceanus

  • Document Management for CMIS compliant repositories
  • Documents Browser, Document Viewer, Import and Export of files, ZIP compressing and decompressing
  • GitHub Project
  • Hyperion

  • Business Processes Management fully compliant with BPMN v2 based on Flowable engine
  • BPMN Modeler, Business Process Definitions, Instances, Variables, Inbox
  • GitHub Project
  • Iapetus

  • Integrations Management for ETL and other enterprise integration patterns based on Apache Camel
  • Integrations Modeler, Integrations Flows
  • GitHub Project

Features Table

Feature Atlas Helios Hades Oceanus Hyperion Iapetus Rhea Kronos
Engine JavaScript
Engine TypeScript
Engine Python
Engine Web Content
Engine Command
Engine Jobs
Engine Listeners
Engine OData
Engine Open API
Engine Security
Engine Template
Engine Template Mustache
Engine Template Velocity
Engine Template JavaScript
Engine Websockets
Engine Markdown
Engine Confluence
Engine BPM
Engine BPM Flowable
Engine CMS
Engine CMS Internal
Engine CMS S3
API for JavaScript and TypeScript
Tooling BPM
Tooling CSV and CSVIM
Tooling Data Structures
Tooling Database
Tooling Data Import and Export
Tooling Data Anonymization
Tooling Debugger for JavaScript
Tooling Documents Management
Tooling Entities Modeling
Tooling Extensions
Tooling Form Builder
Tooling Generation from Templates
Tooling Git
Tooling Image Viewer
Tooling Projects Import and Export
Tooling Integration Flows
Tooling Jobs
Tooling Listeners
Tooling Logs
Tooling Code Editor
Tooling Operations
Tooling Projects Management
Tooling Schema
Tooling Project Search
Tooling SQL Console
Tooling RDBMS and NoSQL
Tooling Swagger Browser
Tooling Terminal via HTTP(S)
Tooling Websockets
Tooling Workspace Management
Resources Core
Resources Dev Tools
Resources Themes

  • ✔ - feature is available in the corresponding edition
  • ➕ - feature is extended in the corresponding edition

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