Hades Edition

The Hades Edition of the codbex platform is your ultimate solution for comprehensive database management. With a focus on PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2, SAP HANA, Snowflake, and more, the Hades Edition includes all the necessary features to streamline your database operations. From database modeling and management to data transfer and import/export capabilities, Hades Edition equips database administrators with the tools they need to efficiently manage their data infrastructure.

Comprehensive Database Management:

With support for a wide range of database systems, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2, SAP HANA, Snowflake, and more, the Hades Edition provides a unified platform for managing your entire data ecosystem. Whether you’re designing database schemas, executing SQL queries, or transferring data between systems, Hades Edition offers the flexibility and scalability you need to succeed.

Who Is It For?

The Hades Edition is tailored for database administrators and data professionals responsible for managing complex data infrastructures. Whether you’re overseeing a single database instance or a distributed data environment, Hades Edition provides the tools and capabilities to streamline your database operations and optimize performance.

Key Features:


It visualizes the database related views in a specialized perspective focused on the database administrator tasks. It can be easily deployed on any hosting environment as a Docker container, so that the database inspection and quick changes can be done in a more secure way than exposing the database port itself.



Off-line data migration up to 1GB, is provided for all the supported databases. The relational database tables are transfered in CSV format, while the No-SQL collections in JSON format. There is a topology file also provided for each schema, which shows the proper order for import to the target database.



On-line data transfer provides way to pipe source datasource and schema to a target ones, so to stream the data transfer.



Connecting and analyzing the massive amount of data in Snowflake cloud database is supported out of the box.



No-SQL database MongoDB support is also built-in, so it can be used for exploring, queries, import and export up to 1GB.



Data anonymization and masking for production data sets containing personal or sensitive data. Supported types of anonymization is based on the specific input columns such as first and last names, addresses, telephones, emails, dates of birth, any numeric or alphanumeric document numbers.

  • Multiple databases support
  • Database structure browser
  • Data export and migration in CSV/JSON
  • Result sets data viewer
  • SQL editor with smart auto-completion and syntax highlighting
  • NoSQL databases support for MongoDB compliant databases
  • Data anonymization
  • Data masking
  • Administrative databases interface
  • User/role-based security model
  • Modular architecture and allows to extend with own plugins
  • Adapted to Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Adapted to AWS Elastic Container Service
  • Federated authentication (SAML, OpenId)

With the Hades Edition of the codbex platform, you can take control of your database management processes with confidence. From database modeling and management to data transfer and import/export capabilities, Hades Edition offers a comprehensive suite of features to meet the demands of modern data environments. Empower your database administrators, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of your data infrastructure with Hades Edition from codbex.

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