Custom Development

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codbex offers development workforce at attractive rates for companies who plan to embed Low Code capabilities.

There are many ways you can utilize the knowledge and skillsets of our experts:

  • We can build a custom yet embeddable Low Code stacks based on our technology layer and aligned with your target solution and technical requirements
  • We can provide custom components, editors, modelers, templates, themes, and frameworks enhancing your custom stacks
  • We can build custom applications based on our technology layer
  • We can develop extensions on SAP Business Technology Platform as we are veterans in this area
  • We can build new modules for your existing SAP HANA XS applications
  • We can build modules for cloud native environments like Kyma and Cloud Foundry
  • We can take over the entire application lifecycle management from customer/partner to minimize the running development and support costs
  • We can build custom CMS solution based on our stack to be embedded in your solution
  • We can build custom BPMN processes with our stack to orchestrate flows in your solutions
  • We can develop general Java and Node.js based applications with Angular, Vue.js, OpenUI5 frontend