Today, on April, 01, 2022 the company codbex has just been born.

Why does it matter?

Yet another company that strives to make developers’s lives easier. To bring another level of productivity tools. To provide an innovative approach to the overall development experience. To open the door to the highly scalable public cloud providers. To offer a technology partnership that can be powerful enough to manage the entire business end-to-end.

All these and much more deserve their place on Earth.

Made with love

We believe that once the technology is made with awareness and love to solve real-world problems for one customer, it is sure to be useful for others. Having the partners with us, our friends, we are certain that we will be unstoppable together to bring value instantly and permanently.

Core values

How do we work and what is our culture? What drives us to do what we do? It is simple - it’s our passion.

  • c reativity
  • o penness
  • d edication
  • b ravery
  • e njoyment
  • x power

The plan

The long-term vision is to become the preferred technology choice for the modern business applications and extensions, and thereby fulfill our dream of making developers’ lives easier.

Nedelcho Delchev

Nedelcho likes to drive on off-road trails.